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Nob: [Where's my crown]

“Priorities First” With key in hand, Nik, frees the last three of our missing gobos. The gang is back together again! I know I mentioned this earlier when they first spotted Fip, but the “top crew” must have had their gear and accessories stripped from them when they were captured. They do look a bit odd, don’t they. We now know why Zip didn’t remove the hood when they were having that solemn moment after the bridge collapse: it is attached to the tunic. We also have a rare moment of Hob without the helmet. Or the armor. The raiders must have left Hob that plain gambeson. Since the padded tunic isn’t faced with leather, they probably felt it didn’t matter if Hob kept it.

Personally, I think the most striking of appearances would be Nob’s. Our noble gobo looks quite less noble without the crown and cape. That black eye doesn’t help either. I believe Nob is also aware of this. So, when it comes to priorities, the first thing on the docket is the reacquiring of the royal garb. Clearly, if you are going to escape a prison, the most important thing to do is to accessorize.

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