Gobo Gazette is Temporary Emergency Hiatus Go! Bones are knitting but I am still on the mend. Let’s talk about how gobos talk. Do you like word puzzles? Some people do and some people don’t. Does GoboSpeak sound like Q*Bert having a bad day? While we won’t cover sound effects today, we will be talking how the gobo language is presented in the comic and how often you will encounter it. The details are in the transcript as well as the image. We also have another installation of Fandom Funtime! How good is your eye for details? Here is a visual game to put it to the test!

I am out of commission but I can still answer your questions. Don’t worry, they won’t be in GoboSpeak! Did you have any question regarding Gobo Gazette? This could be for me or for members of the cast (no spoilers). Do you like to fanart? If you do or want to, now is the time to share! Send your questions and/or fan art to gobo@gobogazette.com! If you like, provide a link if your webcomic, portfolio, or similar creative site. Once the hiatus is over, I’ll more it all to a gallery section and Gobo Gazette will be back in action.

Partake in Gobo Gazette’s first Temporary Emergency Hiatus Go! And be careful out there!

↓ Transcript
Announcement banner with content on white background and a panel to the right. There is a watermarked illustration of Gobos and Puccini beneath it.
Content: "Gobo Gazette - Temporary Emergency Hiatus GO! - We're hoping to return in January 2023!"
Announcement panel has Nob's hands from the gobo leader's point of view, the right hand visually aching with three lightning bolts.
Nob (as the artist): "<My hand. It broke!>"

Large Left Panel
(In a narrative box) "Here is a question that coms up now and then, and tends to get mixed reviews from readers: What's the story behind GoboSpeak?"
"Gobo Gazette was going to be very light on the dialogue, with few to no word bubbles per strip. The action was to do the talking. My appreciation for rebuses gave me the thought, “let’s use glyphs for when I needed the Gobos to speak!”
(Insert image to left of text is a word bubble of three gobo heads, an arrow pointing right, and a tree. This can be translated to "Gobos go to the forest") "While I thought it interesting, others found it very hard to decipher what was being said by the gobos. it was frustrating for some, especially if what was said was complicated.." (Image right of text of an angry Gargamel pointing upward with a hungry Azrael at his feet.)(Insert panel to right of text shows arcade Q*Bert saying "@!#?@!" The "@" are used to represent swirls in the word bubble)
"It was always intended for the gobos to learn the “Common” tongue through Puccini and the use of Gobospeak would become sporadic. But comic time moves differently than real time, so expect to see more comprehension potions in the comic."
"Until the Gobos can speak the local language, I will provide translations in the transcripts. Transcripts are on all recent strips and will be added to the earlier ones (as time allows)."
(In a narrative box) "The “Common” Tongue is english (that’s what I
speak). I’d love for it to be in other languages.")

Large Right Panel
Titled "Fandom Funtime!" with the directions "Can you spot the ten differences"
Below are two very similar images of five gobos in a row. Zip has a hand on the hip, Bam is stepping forward and looking to the others, pointer fingers touching together. Pat also steps forward with a smile but Tik is hesitant, looking over to Tok, who strides confidently with the others.

(In a narrative box) "Last week's Fandom Funtime Answers: 1-CIJ, 2-DE, "I don't speak Goblin."

(Note: The answers are small, faint and flipped to the right of the two images and above last week's answers. Email gobo@gobogazette.com for the answers or to submit your own questions)