Gobo Gazette is Temporary Emergency Hiatus Go! It is a time for filler while I heal up. Today we are closing out our smurfy inspiration segment, shifting gears from similarities to opposites and talking about the head swap. Yes, Virginia, Gobo heads no longer come in just “Original Oval”! No, it wasn’t caused by Gargamel! The details are in the transcript as well as the image. We also have another installation of Fandom Funtime! Test your knowledge of the head swap and when the common tongue was first spoke in Gobo Gazette!

I am out of commission but I can still answer your questions. Perhaps today’s update has your head spinning with ideas! Did you have any question regarding Gobo Gazette? This could be for me or for members of the cast (no spoilers). Do you like to fanart? If you do or want to, now is the time to share! Send your questions and/or fan art to gobo@gobogazette.com! If you like, provide a link if your webcomic, portfolio, or similar creative site. Once the hiatus is over, I’ll more it all to a gallery section and Gobo Gazette will be back in action.

Partake in Gobo Gazette’s first Temporary Emergency Hiatus Go! And be careful out there!

↓ Transcript
Announcement banner with content on white background and a panel to the right. There is a watermarked illustration of Gobos and Puccini beneath it.
Content: "Gobo Gazette - Temporary Emergency Hiatus GO! - We're hoping to return in January 2023!"
Announcement panel has Nob's hands from the gobo leader's point of view, the right hand visually aching with three lightning bolts.
Nob (as the artist): "<My hand. It broke!>"

Large Left Panel
(In a narrative box) "Besides proportions and key distinguishing features, are there any more similarities between the gobos and the smurfs?"
"Yes and no. They are more like reflections. The gobos are the flipside: They are in search of a home while their counterparts have Smurf Village. They tend to be mischievous and destructive while the smurfs are more helpful."
(Insert panel to left of text shows a smiling Puccini summoning his homunculus, Whiskit) "This applies to the main wizards and their familiars. Puccini and Whiskit have good intent for the setting protagonists. Gargamel and Azrael do not." (Image right of text of an angry Gargamel pointing upward with a hungry Azrael at his feet.)
"Much as the norm for smurfs shifted from matching white bottoms to colored outfits with the introduction of the smurflings, so too have I diversified. At first, all gobo heads were oval. Now, there are three standard shapes."
(In a narrative box) "Gobo Heads! Now available in three flavors! Original Oval, Block Head & Pointy Chin! (Above each is a green shape: the first an oval, the second a rounded rectangle, the third an oval that comes to a point at the bottom.)

Large Right Panel
Titled "Fandom Funtime!" with the directions "Test your knowledge of gobo phrenology!"
"1. Which three gobos now have block heads?"
"2. Which two gobos nw have pointy chins?"
"Choices are:"
"A. Bam B. Fip C. Hob D. Nak E. Nik F. Nob"
"G. Pat H. Pok I. Tik J. Tok K. Wak L. Zip"

(A dotted line divides the panel and to the right of the text is the Captain, finger to chin, saying "Hmmm...")
"Come Again"
"In the Comic, what were the first words spoken in the common language?"
"Hint: They were spoken by the Captain!"

(In a narrative box) "Last week's Fandom Funtime Answers: 1-C, 2-E, 3-B, 4-K, 5-G, 6-J, 7-I, 8-H, 9-F, 10-A, 11-L, 12-D"

(Note: The answers are small, faint and flipped at the bottom above last week's answers. Email gobo@gobogazette.com for the answers or to submit your own questions)