“Blast Hazard” Workin’ in the coal mine… In this case, however, its an emerald mine. It is no wonder why this big fellow hasn’t eaten the little ones since they provide a nice mining crew. They are going down deep into the mountain. When their work day is over, they’ll bring up a few sparkling gems. From past experience, we would think the one with the hammer would knock out the stones and the one with the pick would carve them up. But how long can this go on? It seems like this shift will be ending soon… and with a bang!

And speaking of bangs, we have our twelfth official introduction! That means we will be getting a cast page really soon! April is going to be a big month on our Instagram page. There will be a special dedication image posted on the 15th and then each day afterwards will feature art that will be used for our cast page, which will go live at the end of the month. You will then be able to click on a cast member and see all of the comics that they are in. At least, that is the plan. See you then!

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