“Soap Suds” We have finally returned to the scene of the crime, or should we say culinary disaster? Furthermore, we have another cleaning crew arriving on the scene. The cook must have collected the recoverable flatware, and probably took the discarded steak so that it could be appropriately “aged” for the boss’ next meal. This is still quite a mess but it appears that these two intend to turn this mess into a good time. It seems that they know just how to have fun while working. Whistle while you work, right? Nothing beats bursting bubbles and splatting soap suds.

There is a fine line between having fun and horseplay though, especially when you’re on the job. Just like earlier, accidents can happen. And it looks like it has! It is all fun and games until someone slips on some soapy water and bonks their head. At least this injury had no malicious intent behind it. But when you have a belligerent boss like this one, it is best not to tempt fate. Better make haste, you two!

Wow, look at that! This marks our eleventh official introduction! We only have one more to go!

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