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Narrative Box: To be continued...

“A Crash and a Flash of Flame and Smoke” What? You thought I forgot about the lit bombs? It does take some time for the fuses to burn down to the powder within. And, with that many bombs, the explosion was going to be… expansive! Thankfully, it didn’t instantly incinerate anyone, but it did send a few people flying! There will be no “cool walking away from the explosion” scene here. I am sure those two other bandits also got to a minimum safe distance. As well as the big guy. And what about their leader, being left alone with all the gobos? He has proven himself quite capable before in earlier comics, so I wouldn’t worry too much about him. I would be more concerned with the gobos getting up fast so they have a chance!

As with last year, this bonus comic breaks the usual ten pages per chapter here at Gobo Gazette. That’s a total of ten chapters completed! It also marks the last comic for 2019! I will be taking some time off for the holidays to both relax and to recover my depleted buffer. But don’t worry, you will not have to wait for long. Gobo Gazette starts up once more on January 3rd so don’t miss out! You can follow for comic updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and, if you are old school like me, by subscribing to the RSS Feed. And don’t forget Top Web Comics, WebComics Hub, Comic Rocket and The Webcomic List. We are listed there, and I hear that you can vote on or rate web comics on some of those. Do that or tell your friends and family about Gobo Gazette… it would be a nice gift for them and yours truly.

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