“New Raiment” I believe that, no matter how uptight one might be, no one can resist a good cuddle. Be it romantic or platonic, it just feels right. People are welcomed to disagree with me. I feel that, as long as the level of expression is mutual, it is the best. So when something as comfortable as a hug is suddenly released, it tends to leave you wanting more. Time slips by in an embrace. Although you are locked in the moment, the world is continuing on around you.

And let us not forget that, although the bandit leader is no longer in the picture, the gobos are still standing upon the parapet of their fortress. The bandits will likely want to see what that explosion was all about! But that is not the reason why Pat breaks the hold. It would seem that something is a miss with Nob’s look, and it isn’t the stolen crown and roughed up appearance. Somebody is missing their flashy cape. Pat to the rescue! And it is clear that Nob has a good idea of what the little cook has in mind for a new raiment. The gesture must be appreciated because Nob stands there and takes it,  but it probably won’t be long until the gobo leader finds a replacement for this perceived “nightmare”.

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