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Nob: [Everyone good?]
Off-stage: [Good]
Nob: [(We got) lotsa loot!!]
Nob (off-stage): [Tok!!!]

“Loose Coins” Before anyone can do anything as a group, it is always best to make sure everyone is present. And it is always best to make sure that everyone is up for the task at hand. That explosion rocked everyone’s world, some more than others. There were quite a number of them that had “ye ole swirly eyes”. And we all know that is comic code for dazed and confused. So when the reply to if everyone was okay comes back as a resounding “okay”, it is time to get mobilized and focused. But that’s not going to happen just yet.

Nob just realized that they not only escaped the bandits, but also scurried off with their loot. And all that was without any losses! I’m sure bumps and bruises and possible cracked ribs do not apply. But Hob is quick to note that the gobos weren’t the only ones rocked by that explosion. It would seem that most of the sacks they had stolen when the Party of Adventurers had arrived also suffered from the blast. And the chest? It was ground zero when the bombs went off. With only loose coins to balance against injuries, it looks like the bomb expert is being called out on the matter.

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