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Nob: [(Give me the) bombs]
Nob: [(All of the) bombs!]

“Mobile Arsenal” It could be said that this has been a long time coming. Tok is quick to assert that the bomb is the best solution for any task. Spider infestation? Bomb. Precision mining? Bomb! Bridge building? Bomb? Eliminating bandits? Bomb!!! Yep, you can solve every single problem with a well placed bomb. And if a bomb is not available then anything flashy will do. Unfortunately for Tok, no one else agrees with the assertion. They say that it is too extreme and very dangerous. Too extreme? Very dangerous? Impossible. How could explosions possibly be extreme and dangerous?

Well, Nob has had enough of this. It was Tok’s bomb that made a mess of the situation. It is time for the gobo miner to hand them over. We have addressed the topic of hammerspace before. To summarize, the characters in Gobo Gazette are good at stowing away their items. Some are better than others. Everyone in the comic knows this. So Nob’s reaction is not that surprising. When you ask for bombs, you expect more than one. I don’t think Nob realized just how much of a mobile arsenal Tok was. I sure do hope that backpack is flame resistant!

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