“Be Careful” Let’s be honest with each other. If you were in Pōk’s boots, you would also be poking Bam. Come on, admit it! It looks like it would be fun. Not for Bam, mind you. The little snaggletooth gobo is not having fun at all. I am sure both of the trapped gobos weren’t hanging upside-down for long, the gobos tend to move in an inconspicuous pack. That is, unless they are blabbering to themselves. In any case, Nak has come to save the day. A couple swings of the sword is all it takes to release the pair. I am sure our sword-wielding gobo is quite capable of a perfect landing, but those snare traps are also perfectly hidden.

I usually focus these little segments to talk about the day’s comic, or occasionally some big Gobo Gazette news. Anything else I place in a news post. But with a title like “Be Careful”, I thought it apropos to talk about what is going on in the world. Things are a bit scary right now. I am hoping that everyone, from the macro level of government to the individual, is taking this seriously and doing everything they can to prevent the spread of disease. But most importantly, I hope that each and every one of you has a social support network. No matter how prepped one can be against disaster, isolation can be a heavy burden to bear. So make sure to reach out to friends and loved ones. And as long as you have access to social media, share something nice to keep everyone in good spirit.

Be careful out there.

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