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Bam: [We there yet?]
Nob (off-stage): [No]
Bam (off-stage): [We there yet?]
Nob (off-stage): [No!]
Bam (off-stage): [We there yet?]
Nob (off-stage): [No!!!]
Nob: [We are here]

“Family Trip” And they are off once more! It has been a while since we seen the dirty dozen venturing through the forest. You may have noticed that the gobos are becoming more and more cautious with each trip. They are not marching along with their instruments heralding their approach. Those days are gone, except for the occasional moment to break the monotony. But they are now even more cautious than their last travel montage. Everyone is on alert, not just a couple gobos here and there. And they are keeping quite… well, unless they perceive the trip taking too long. That is why we have montages. Otherwise, we would also be bored out of our minds. You gotta have a montage.

I am sure many of you out there are longing for a family trip. Either that or a good reason to get outside with friends. Social Isolation is the buzz word but, with social media and technology, we are really doing Physical Isolation. But even with our conference calls and video chats, we can’t escape the fact that we are social animals. We can only fool ourselves for so long. At some point we are going to want to go out and meet up. Or, for some of us who were away, go back home to loved ones. Speaking of homes, it would appear that the gobos have found theirs.

Be careful out there.

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