“Tall Grass” The gobos have apparently cleared the open area and are now coming into the lightly forested area west of the fort. How do we know this? Do you remember Nob’s map? Well, the designated location for “Gobo Land” is quite a ways to the left. Unlike before, the gobos will have the sun roughly behind them in the morning and straight ahead in the evening. It might be a bit hard to see in the evening but at least they have something to head towards. That means that they are less likely to get lost, except perhaps if they travel at night. At least they avoided the mysterious wolf-rider from the last comic.

There sure is a lot of tall grass in the area. Apparently, Wak has been charged with cutting a path. Either that, or the axe-swinging gobo is just taking an opportunity to flex some muscle. It is always nice to see where you are stepping. You never know what dangers might lie just out of sight. Snare traps are a good example. A snare trap will just trip up a human. It is just an inconvenience. Gobos, however, are lightweight. As we can see, a trapped gobo will be dangling in the wind.

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