“Marching Band” It has been quite some time since the Gobos played a marching tune. The last time just so happens to be the first time. Everyone is back in formation, with Bam in the lead, the quartet of musicians next, followed by Nob and the rest. But it has been such long time between adventures that two of them have forgotten just how awful one of the marching band really is. Perhaps they were so happy to be out of the cave that they blocked it out to enjoy the freedom. It seems to be a bit harder the second time around.

Look, you can’t be good at everything. Usually, people have a knack for certain things which can be honed with training. They also have deficiencies in certain tasks which no amount of learning can improve. Take Fip and Zip for example. They are mirror images when it comes to skill sets. Our emerald archer is a horrible shot, but plays a mean lute! Little red hood is an expert marksman, but appears to be tone deaf. Yes, you can’t be good at everything, but you should try your best at all things.

I think someone should have ordered more than one pair of earmuffs.

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