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Nak: [Nob wants us to build a stone fort]
Tik: [No bricks]
Nak: [What?]
Tik: [Nob doesn't like to wait]
Tik: [It takes a long time to get bricks]
Nak: [Wooden fort?]
Tik: [Wooden fort]

“Supply Shortage” I am always concerned that the way I present the gobo language can be a bit… confusing to the readers. I know it is sometimes difficult for me to come up with the iconography. Take this discussion for example. We have some often-used images: Nob, a bunch of gobos, arrows suggesting direction, whether physical or abstract. We also have some items that don’t come up often, like the logs and the hourglass. It has been a while since we seen that one. I am hoping that no matter how obscure the symbols might be, the message comes across, both through foreign language and physical action.

There really is no hard rule for speaking gobo. Just like we have words that are spelled the same or sound the same but mean different things, there is some nuance and leeway in what “words” can be used. At the very least, we know that Nob is expecting another big project from our constructive gobos. And right in the beginning we get the impression that there is a supply shortage. Well, perhaps that is not quite the term to use. But Tik is quick to show Nak that the nearest mountain is quite some distance away. It would take some time to get there and back.

How is everyone out there? I know that we had our own supply shortage at the beginning of all this. I think that the moment of panic is over and things are returning to some semblance of normalcy. However, there are still some key items that are in demand, especially personal protective equipment or PPE. Please keep in mind that those on the front line – both emergency and medical caregivers as well as those that provide essential services – really need those items. There are a number of ways to help these individuals online but another way is little DIY project. Did you know you can make your own masks? Look it up! By making masks for yourself and your family (and maybe donating them) you can help with the supply and demand.

Be careful out there.

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