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Fip: [(Time for) food?]
Zip: [(Here's) Pat, bringing it]

“Soup’s On” Everyone needs a break now and then. This is especially true when you are working. Sure a little five minute break is nice (if you get them) but the hero of them all is the lunch break. Whether you’re busting your rump at a construction site, focusing heavily at a delicate task, or manning a monotonous post, we all look forward to that little meal in the middle of our work day. You could bring something from home, premade for the day’s special break. It could be as extravagant as an artistically arranged bento or as simple as a brown-bagged lunch. But the best thing of all during lunch break is something freshly made. What is better: a pipping hot meal straight from a cook or something you toss in the microwave? Plus it is always nice to have something prepared for you. Especially if the provider is top-notch.

It’s lunch time for the gobos at their work site and they are hungry. Lucky for them, soup’s on the menu… prepared by a top-notch chef! It is time to put work on hold, relax, and chow down. That is the point of a break after all, right? To get a little breather from the hard work you are putting in? And to put a little sustenance into your system if it is lunch time? But don’t drift away into bliss too quickly. You still have the rest of the work day ahead of you. You never know what is going to happen. And it could be quite shocking, especially if you had a traumatizing incident earlier. These little breaks are there just to clear our heads, fill our bellies, and get back to the task at hand.

Be careful out there.

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