“Quite Shocking” Thunderbolts and lightning! Very very frightening! The good news is that the gobos are held aloft. The electricity is primarily going straight through the target and into the ground. Still, the electrical blast is powerful enough to give them a good jolt! Hopefully they recover quicker than the creature.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
At the doorway. Fip and Zip have stepped into the room, the former taking aim and the latter drawing an arrow. Both have determined looks on their faces. Nob is close behind them. Puccini slowly stands, using the wall for support. With some magical components in hand, he reaches out a hand and lightning arcs off it towards the enemy.
Puccini: "Brace yourselves! This'll be quite shocking!" (magical words)

Panel 2
The view switches to a wider shot of the monstrosity, its tentacles holding Tik and Tok aloft. All three are wide-eyed with teeth clenched as the lightning bolt strikes the creature and its energy courses through it, giving the gobos a jolt.

Panel 3
The shot narrow on Tik and Tok, dazed, as they slip free from limp tentacles. The monstrosity's eyes and maw are closed tight, still reeling from the pain.