“Fall Back” The gobos have recovered quicker than the monstrosity. But that wasn’t the only threat coming out of the planar gate! Those bat-things are hungry… and they don’t discriminate when it comes to a tasty bite. At least, they’ll eat anything that won’t eat them first! Tasty sliced tentacle? Good eats. Giant multi-eyed menace? Not so much.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Nak shouts out to the center of the room, sword ready but still on hands and knees. Nik is starting to rise, eyeing the limp tentacles as they slowly withdraw.
Nak: "<Hob! Attack plan?"
Hob, off-screen: "<Fall back!>"

Panel 2
Nak starts to get up, looking over to Nik as the dagger-wielding gobo spins quickly, slicing two pieces off one of the tentacles.

Panel 3
Nak - looking past the tentacles - grabs Nik's arm, stopping the whirlwind attack...

Panel 4
...and then dashes out of view, pulling Nik along. Three bat-things fly in, not too concerned about the dagger the trailing gobo points at them. One diverts its flight to chomp on one of the pieces of sliced tentacles before it hits the ground.