“Burst Fire” Whoa! Somebody is getting better! I guess all that training has paid off. Plus recognition! Best. Day. Ever. (Except for being attacked by extra-dimensional beings, that is.)

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Three bat things fly quickly towards the observer...

Panel 2
...only to be hit - with a "fip" - by three out of four arrows being shot from the observer's location.

Panel 3
The scene shifts to that location: the entrance to the room. Zip fires a crossbow bolt while Fip pauses, reacting with surprise to the number of hits the emerald archer scored. Behind them is Puccini - just in view due to his height - and Nob, trying to see the action.

Panel 4
Much to the appreciation of Fip - and the surprise of Nob - Zip gives Fip a thumb's up while still paying attention to the battle before them.