“Tentacular Locomotion” It’s moving… very… slowly. Here is some insider knowledge: these things normally roll like balls in the open. The planar gate, however, is just a bit to narrow for its liking. And it’s under attack. So it is attempting to pull its way through during the combat. If it was narrower, like the size of a door, it would have to squeeze through. That doesn’t give it many options in a fight.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
In the room, the monstrosity is looking angry and frustrated. It lifts its tentacles up...

Panel 2
...and they audibly "slam" onto the ground. The scene has zoomed in and you can just see how far the creature is from the edge of the planar gate.

Panel 3
As the tentacles strain with an audible "pull", its body inches toward the line separating this world from the one beyond.

Panel 4
Back at the entrance, Nob forcibly shoves Zip out of the way in order to step forward and point towards the creature. Fip leans to the side and glances curiously at the gobo leader. Behind them - to large to fit the frame - stands Puccini.
Nob: "<The monster's moving!>"
Puccini: "It's coming through!"