“Beyond Reach” Boop! Some of my onomatopoeia is a bit unorthodox. You may have noticed the gobos’ weapon attacks are their namesakes. And when things crumble, they tend to CRUMBLE! Can you imagine the sound of stretching, rubbery tentacles? I can. But I think “Stretch” works just as well.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
In the room, Bam finally shakes off that gripping tentacle piece while Pōk runs into view, fleeing from a bat-thing.

Panel 2
Suddenly both gobos do a little twirl. Bam bats the tentacle out of the area while Pōk leaps, slashing the flying pest with the tip of the gobo's spear. Tentacles approach,..

Panel 3
...drawing near as Bam crouches down defensively behind Pōk as the gobo scout slides close with spear at the ready...

Panel 4
...but the tentacles audibly stretch beyond their limits, much to the surprise of the two gobos. Pōk's most forward hand comes off the spear and, with an extended finger, taps the closest tentacle tip.