“So Impetuous” Alright. Deep breath. Then charge into the face of danger. They say, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” Yet it doesn’t take long for Puccini to follow. Just a reminder to the readers, Goblinspeak is currently in English because Puccini took a potion of comprehension. But only Nob and Hob understand Puccini, having imbibed of the same elixir. This might explain Fip’s reaction, trying to understand all the gibberish.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
In a straight on view of the doorway, Puccini leans down towards the gobos with hands wide, one gesturing out to the center of the room. ZIp is slowly getting back up after being shoved in the face, looking at the culprit - Nob - who looks detemined. Only Fip seems to be actively paying attention to the wizard.
Puccini: "The black stone must be removed! It will close the gate!"

Panel 2
Zip reaches out towards Nob as the gobo leader charges forward towards the viewer. Fip and a stunned Puccini watch Nob run into the room.
Nob: "<I'll get that stone!>"

Panel 3
A frustrated Zip rushes towards the viewer as Fip and Puccini glance at each other in silence.

Panel 4
Puccini runs towards the viewer, his upper body moving out of the shot as Fip watches them go.
Puccini, mutters: "This won't end well..."