“Don’t Tell” Nob has been angry in the past, but it never got physical… unless you count object smashing. Nob’s guilty as charged for that. That and verbal abuse. Just in case you forgot, here are links to “Kur-Rak” and the the hook-handed human.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
On the top level of the tower, Pat watches on with a faint smile for Nob's words during this turn of events.
Nob, off-screen: "<You're right... I was acting like a fool. No, worse than that.>"

Panel 2
From a first-person view, we look down at Nob's hands.
Nob: "<Like Kur-Rak the Troll... or the Human with the hook hand...>"

Panel 3
The view changes so Nob is in complete view, still contemplative.
Nob: "<I was angry for no good reason. Please, don't tell Poo.>"

Panel 4
Nob looks down in surprise towards Whiskit who was previously dropped to the floor, out of view.
Whiskit, off-screen: "I can't. He already knows."