“Marching Order” We are back! Don’t quite recall what is going on? I don’t blame ya. Two months off will do that to you. Here is a quick link back to the previous comic, but you might be better off starting at the beginning of the chapter. Either way, Pōk doesn’t seem to be highly motivated by Nak’s pep talk/reassignment. At least there is no concern about eating dirt (mentioned here).

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
With sword secure within its sheath, Nak starts up a discussion with Pōk, who's expression is not seen as the gobo is viewed from behind. Both still wear their illusory gnome disguises.
Nak: "<Pōk, You are good. With time.>"

Panel 2
Nak places a reassuring hand upon Pōk's shoulder,
Nak: "<Switch with Fip. I trust you more guarding the rear.>"

Panel 3
Nak smiles confidently, arms akimbo, as a somewhat put off Pōk turns and heads to the rearguard position.

Panel 4
Nak, maintaining the same pose and expression, calls out to the now departed Pōk.
Nak: "<Try to keep up.">