“Public Urination” Apologies, this segment is a bit “privy-humor” heavy. I don’t blame you if you have the same judging look that Hob has. And it looks like Nak is going to take care of a different sort of business.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
In the right foreground, Hob is turned away from the viewer, having watched the drunk make his way over to the wall of the White Bear just left of a tipped over barrel. The man's hands work - hidden from view - at the front of his leggings, pushing the lower edges of his vest and the pouch on his belt back some as he prepares himself.
Drunk, slurred: "Ferget the privy, gnomes..."

Panels 2-4
An audible "Pppssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh" is heard.

Panel 2
The two gobos - mystically disguised as gnomes - watch the action to the left, off-screen. Hob's is arm's akimbo, with a judging look backed by Nak's resting scowl, right hand on hip. The edge of the privy is seen just behind...

Panel 3
... until it moves out of view as the shot pans with Nak, walking in front of Hob, who takes note of the movement. Nak's eyes roll and a quiet sigh given as the right hand reaches for the sword hilt...

Panel 4
...and partially draws out the blade. Nak has a determined look and Hob, finally catching on and visibly concerned about what will happen next, follows with hands up in an attempt to halt the sword-wielding gobo.