“Cut Purse” So, attacking a person ends the gnome illusion but attacking the strings of a coin pouch doesn’t? Maybe it’s Nak’s sword finesse. And confidence. It’s basically pickpocketing, but with a blade. Either way, some good information to have.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panels 1-2
An audible "Ssssshhhhhhh*" is heard, the intensity of the sound slowly fading until it ends.

Panel 1
In the alley next to the White Bear tavern, Nak and Nik are mystically disguised as gnomes and their attention is to the left where a drunk man is relieving himself (off-screen). A focused Nak has quickly freed the sword from its scabbard and has thrust it forward, giving it a twist with the wrist. Hob holds up both hands defensively and cringes, concerned on multiple levels for what Nak's actions might do but soon discovers...

Panel 2
...Nak's blade has returned just as quickly as it was pulled, and on it is the drunk man's pouch. The sword-gobo glances to Hob, waiting before sheathing the weapon. Hob is amazed, leaning in some to take in both the pouch and the hand reaching for it, seeing the spell has not been broken.

Panel 3
Nak pivots, turning away from the drunk (off-screen) to conceal the sword's sheathing and to project a coy smile, while Hob straightens up and gives a stiff wave with the right hand, the left having quickly hid the pouch behind the armored-gobo's back.
Drunk, slurred: "Wha? Are you... linin' up for the wall?"

Panel 4
The shot pulls out as the man walks out towards the right, with just the man's mid-section - and the cut pouch strings on his belt - in view. Nak is quick to lose the false friendly face and Hob considers the departing drunk, keeping the pouch out of view.
Drunk, slurred: "Stoopid gnomes..."