“It’s Occupied” Who invited him anyways? A bit drastic for the hand in the face but better that then be overheard speaking goblinese. Wait, he’s drunk? Well, better safe than sorry.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
The shot down the alley has only half of the privy in view on the right, just behind Hob and Nak; both magically disguised as gnomes. Hob is fully engaged, pointing at Nak with the right index finger, who's attention has been diverted to the mouth of the alley (the viewer). Nak is wide-eyed, arms uncrossing.
Hob, whispering: "<So, let's talk about that.>"

Panel 2
Hob's head jerks back and fingers splayed as Nak shoves the right hand over the armored gobo's mouth - interrupting the discussion- and points towards the mouth of the alley (the viewer). Nak's teeth are bared but it is more in desperation for quiet than in anger towards Hob.
Hob, whispering: "<What are you pla - ->"

Panel 3
Both of the "gnomes" turn their bodies to face the new arrival: Hob's eyes wide, just noticing the individual and Nak scowling, hands slowly lowering to the belt.
Drunk, off-screen, slurred: "Hey! You... two in line?"

Panel 4
As the drunk comes into view, seen only around the waist area with a hand resting on a belt with a small pouch, Hob makes a show, projecting a visual need of a bathroom emergency by hunching over slightly, tensely, and grasping a section of tabard just below the belt buckle. Nak - to emphasis the point - jerks the left thumb back towards the privy in answer to the man's question.
Drunk, slurred: "Typical weekend night..."