“Not Subtle” So where were we after being so rudely interrupted? Oh yes! Uncovering plots! But were they uncovered? Will there be a reveal? Or will there be another pause outside the latrine?

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
In the alley in front of a barrel near the White Bear's wall, Nak - mystically disguised as a gnome - gazes to the left towards the alley's opening, watching the (off-screen) drunk depart while continuing the interrupted conversation
Nak, under-breath: "<You and Nob see only the sword...>"
Nak, whispering: "<Back on topic, might I suggest more discretion when plotting?>"

Panel 2
Just to the left of the privy, Hob - similarly disguised - has eyes downcast, looking down at the pilfered coin purse that is now in the hand of the armored gobo.
Hob, whispering: "<Well, we caught you and Nik scheming just as easily.>"

Panel 3
The shot tightens in on Hob, as if viewed from Nak (off-screen). The eyes under the helmet's visor consider the speaker with a neutral expression, regarding each word...
Nak, whispering, off-screen: "<Did you both consider that my "rushing to set things in motion...">"

Panel 4
...as the view flips to a mirrored shot of Nak, looking back.
Nak, whispering: "<...was by design? That I wanted to "get caught"?>"