“Much Respect” If it wasn’t apparent what the plot was about in general, I think Nak losing it a little helped clear things up. We only get a glimpse into the Gobo-Krak relationship near its end. I understand not wanting to be pulled back into a similar situation. Nak did give advice. Even if Hob were to reveal the agreement at the private meeting, would it be convincing enough? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Nak and Hob - magically disguised as gnomes - are in the White Bear's night-clad alley. Nak continues their discussion with hands behind the back, stepping away from Hob. Standing by the privy, the armored "gnome" stiffens at the last words spoken, and gives Nak an unseen glare.
Nak, whispering: "<I respect the crown. I advise in our best interest. The plot's a reminder. I'm there for those... delicate choices.>"

Panel 2
The scene shifts to Hob's point of view, with an angry Nak quickly turning back to see and respond to the speaker. More specifically, to what was said.
Hob, whispering offscreen: "<Nob has already chosen. Poo's agreed to n-->"
Nak, interrupting: "<Poo is just another Krak! With a gem instead of a whip!"

Panel 3
Nak, eyes closed, takes in and lets out a calming breath, hands coming up and towards each other to slowly push down and away the frustration.
Nak, whispering: "<I love our people. And I respect you.>"

Panel 4
The scene shifts again to a close up of Hob from Nak's point of view. With eyebrows coming together and creeping up slightly under the helmet visor, a concerned and speculating Hob considers Nak's words.
Nak, whispering: "<So give me a reason why I shouldn't do what you and Nob know I must do to protect them?>"