“Two Gifts” Hob seems pleased with last night’s repairs on the horn. The surprise has worked and Nob looks pleased as well. It appears that no words need to be spoken between the two and the slight has been forgiven. I am sure that the idea of Nob taking the initiative and having the horn mended helps. So now it is off to convince the others of Nob’s grand plan.

But what is this? Hold that blast for one moment longer! Tik and Tok must have worked up two gifts last night. One for Hob and one fore Nob. It is either that, or Nob found a pair of ear muffs while skulking in the dark of night. This is probably unlikely since they would have been spotted earlier… and Nob would have definitely commandeered them then. With Hob letting that horn sound Nob’s arrival, there must be some news for the rest of the gobos. I’m sure that Nob thought about it a lot while waiting on the horn to be repaired. Are you curious as to what the news might be? Check back for the next installation of Gobo Gazette for the answer… and a brand new chapter!

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