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Nob: [Gobo Land is not just for me]
Nob: [It is for all Gobos]
Nob: [There are mountains full of emeralds]
Nob: [No troll and no adventurers]
Nob: [There are animals for good food]
Nob: ...
Nob: [And you can smash spiders and chop trees]
Wak: [Wood]

“Heart All of a Patter and a Pitter” Politics is a tricky business. The masses are not impassioned by an executive decision if they do not see any benefits. This is likely one of the reasons why the majority of the traveling troupe was not behind Nob’s Gobo Land. (It probably didn’t help that Nob broke Hob’s horn in front of them either). But that evening, our little leader had the instrument mended and is now attempting to appease the crowd. This can be easy when you know what people want. Everybody wants a place to call home, job and personal security, as well as ample food. The proposed new home is close to the mountains to be mined. It is far removed from their old home and any enemies there within. And the forest has proven to be plentiful enough with wild game.

But then you have those that are hard to read, like Bam and Wak. While most have clear, cut and dry goals or things they like to pursue, there are always going to be a few odd ducks. What do offer these individuals to get then on board? Well, It’s a good thing that Nob patched things up with Hob. Otherwise, our crowned Gobo would be at a loss for words. It just goes to show you that you don’t necessarily need deep or substantial ideas to drive the masses. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most. In this case, smashing bugs and chopping wood. And now that everyone is excited about the notion, they can once more take up their journey in earnest. Surely there won’t be any more trouble for our twelve little adventurers…

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