Useful Tool” Now we know how Hob answered Nak back in the alley. Which leaves us with a few questions: Who is Rek? Are there more gobos? If so, where are they? Not a bad place to end the year on (if things went as planned). Next week will be the cliffhanger that would have ended 2023. Hope you check it out.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Four of the gobos - magically disguised as gnomes - leave the room and head in opposite directions from the wall. The view across from the open door shows Hob and Wak heading to the left and Nik and Nak heading right. Three have there sites set ahead of them but one - Nik - is engaged in a silent "conversation" with Puccini. The wizard stands in the doorway, arms akimbo, and glaring at Nik, who returns a shrug of whateverness.

Panel 2
The view follows Nik and Nak, moving ahead of them for an angled shot and closing in as they walk down the hall. They both glance at each other as Nik inquires with a whisper.
Nik, whispering: "<Why the change of plans?>"

Panel 3
The view shifts to a side show and zooms in on Nak as the gobo reflects on an earlier event.
Nak, whispering: "<I asked why we shouldn't get rid of Poo. Hob said...>"

Panel 4
In a sepia-toned flashback, Hob is framed in the alley and glances up towards Nak (offscreen) before answering cooly.
Narrative Box: "Earlier"
Hob, whispering: "<Rek never discarded a useful tool. And neither does Nob.>"