“Sleep! I Feel a Need of It” And we are back to the other half! Well, half of the other half. It’s good to see green again. Who remembers their first day of school? Why are they going to school? It was first mentioned in Chapter 24.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
The wall of one of the tower rooms - as well as a wall of words spoken by Whiskit (off-screen) - are the backdrop to Nob, chin in hand, sitting at a table with that trademark close-eyed, blasé expression. But as time passes...

Panel 2
...and the words become more background noise. Nob's posture slumps and the crown slides until...

Panel 3
...slumber takes over, head still held up but in danger of a quick faceplant if the supporting elbow were to slip. The crown precariously stays on.

Panel 4
Suddenly, Whiskit (offscreen) address the room, loud enough to stir the gobo leader. Eyes wide but lid-heavy, Nob's head lifts to take in the moment, and the crown slides more, stopped from falling off by a bent ear.
Whiskit, off-screen: "<Class Dismissed!>"

Panel 5
In a large panel shot, we see that the event is occurring in a large room with a few long tables. A podium stands at the side of the room closest to the viewer and an entrance at the opposite wall can be seen. Tik, carrying a couple books with one hand, glances back towards Pat, who has the same books held up close with both arms. The gobo cook smiles while speaking to Whiskit, the homunculus fluttering with open book in hand behind the podium, back to the viewer. At the back table on the right, Nob sits upright and corrects the positioning of the slipping crown.
Pat: "Thank, Wiz. For lesson."
Whiskit: "You're Welcome! <And love the effort. I'll have after class work tomorrow.>"

Panel 6
From Pat's point of view, Whiskit's front is seen. The homunculus's head turns to regard Nob (off-screen) with a raised eyebrow.
Nob, off-screen: "<That was longer than expected.>"

Panel 7
Whiskit's expression turns from intrigued to dispassionate. To punctuate the feeling, the homunculus's little bean-fingers force the book to close upright with an audible "thwip".
Whiskit: "<We had a short day today, Nob. Classes will last for a full work day.>"

Panel 8
The view returns to Nob, the apathetic fascade starting to fail as the gobo leader's mouth makes a small "o" of surprise...

Panel 9
...before the facial failure is complete, revealing a mix of shock and disgust, which are also revealed by Nob's slightly cocked head and raised hands hovering over the table.
Nob, volume fading throughout, "<A... full... work day?>"