“Call Waiting” Was Whiskit really planning on a short session? Or was the session cut because the call would have been too disruptive? One thing is certain, Nob is going to be the trouble student of the class.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Back at the podium towards the back of the classroom, Whiskit sets down the book with a growing exuberance and begins to flutter forward...
Whiskit: "<Yes! This was just a couple hours.>"

Panel 2
...dipping and then climbing while drawing closer to the viewer.
Whiskit: "<Some orientation, and a very basic comprehension test.>"

Panel 3
The view changes to a side shot of Nob sitting at the table, looking with concerned, wide-eyes towards the podium (stage right)...
Whiskit: "<So much learning to do! But we had to end early.>"

Panel 4
...scowling and pushing away while holding onto the table's edge as Whiskit approaches.
Whiskit: "<Puccini is calling.>"