“Very Wavy” How long does it take for you to say good bye? Is it the same length for everyone? Or does it vary with familiarity? Everyone knows at least one person that is a bit exuberant with their good byes. I’ve found myself stuck for hours saying good bye as a farewell turns into another story.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Tik rests against the left corner of the exit to the hallway, books held close to the side with one hand, while listening to Nob's instructions (offscreen). Pam approaches from the right, smiling while waving emphatically with the left hand, the right holding books against the chest.
Nob, off-screen: "<Tik, get the gobos ready.>"

Overlapping Panel 1 and 2, Nob: "<Pat, record what food is in the tower.>"

Panel 2
Back in the classroom, Nob - standing on the chair with two books giving extra height - finishes the final order, directing with a pointed finger. Whiskit is quite happy, giving Pat (offscreen) a wave that matches the gobo cook's exuberance...
Whiskit: "<Good work, today!>"

Panel 3
...and continues to wave. Nob, arms now akimbo, regards the homunculus' activity...

Panel 4
...before finally - with a snarl - questioning the length of it. Whiskit answers, but does not immediately stop waving.
Nob "<Finished?>"
Whiskit, whispering: "<Waiting on Pat to stop waving.>"