“He Who?” Despite magic elixirs and spells of communication, there is still a bit of a language barrier to overcome. The first time we saw it was soon after the gobos had arrived in Puccini’s tower. Despite being able to understand each other, there are some words or phrases that just don’t translate cleanly. For example, 木漏れ日 (komorebi) is more than sunbeams filtering through the leaves. You could call it crepuscular rays, but that would be too clinical. There is a lot more “feel” to the word. More meaning. More to it. Same applies here. Once Whiskit finds those books, we might see what that is all about.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
In a hallway within Puccini's tower, Nob straightens up near one wall and looks towards the viewer and Whiskit (offscreen). For a moment, the gobo leader is speechless, processing the suspicious request while hands lower from the face...

Panel 2
...until they rest on the hips. Nob's suspicious continence turns towards incredulous as an answer in the form of a question is given.
Nob: "<And why do you want to talk about Wak?>"

Panel 3
The view flips and the point of view takes in the scene just over Nob's shoulder. Whiskit has uncurled, shifting from a fluttering fly-foward to a hover. The homunculus' right arm bends as they turn to regard Nob with a wide smile, transmitting Puccini's translated response.
Puccini transmission from Whikit: "<He's a bit... different than the re -- >"
Nob, interrupting: "<Who's "Hee"?>"

Panel 4
Whiskit sways as the question sinks in. Not just Nob's but the one that Puccini asks telepathically. The homunculus thinks up a response, keeping the discussion private.
Puccini (offscreen), telepathically: "Whiskit, did you find them?"
Whiskit, thinking: "The goblin language books? On my to-do list."