“Long Tale” These magical discussions are convenient but are like remote meetings without the benefit of a webcam cover. I guess you could blindfold Whiskit, but it would make these walking meetings a bit more difficult.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
In a hallway within Puccini's tower, Nob is looking towards the viewer and Whiskit (offscreen) when the gobo leader begins to smirk while replying to Puccini via the magical connection provided by the homunculus. Nob gestures towards Whiskit amiably with the left hand...
Nob: "<Very well. I'll talk about Wak.>"

Panel 2
...but the falseness of the motion becomes apparent as Nob turns to walk further down the hallway, bringing the hand up in a creeping posture while the right hand's pointer finger comes up to the chin impishly.
Nob: "<But let's do this... tomorrow.>"

Panel 3
Feeling quite proud of the scheme developing, Nob takes long strides, wearing an almost maniacal sharp-toothed grin...
Nob: "<It's a looong tale. Might take a few days.>"

Panel 4
...until Whiskit (offscreen) transmits Puccini's response, taking the wind out of the gobo leader's sail. Nob stops, visually deflating into a hunched over stance while giving Whiskit an antagonistic side eye.
Puccini transmission through Whikit: "<No skipping class.>"
Puccini transmission continues in a lower tone: "<You know I can see you?>"