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Nob: [Good]
Nob: [No bombs]

“Revised Copy” Tik is back once more with an updated plan. Tok must have assisted on this draft and is very excited. The excitement is in the details. All that is left is for Nob to give the final approval on this revised copy. The approval process can be a tense and frustrating time. Tik appears to be familiar to this but Tok is not. It is the unjaded hopefulness of the novice creator, unblemished by weathering critique. Tik seems quite surprised that the plan gets approved. There is a sense of relief when the use of high explosives is not approved. Tok, however, has felt the first sting of disapproval from management.

Halloween has passed and so has Inktober. If you haven’t seen them yet, go check out the Gobo Gazette Instagram page and see all thirty-one images! I am still contemplating whether I should keep the Instagram images separate or to bring them over to the website as part of a gallery. If I do a gallery, it will be some time before I set that up. Either way, I will continue to post them on Instagram to help spread awareness for the webcomic.

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