↓ Transcript
Tok: [The beast and all the Gobos are too heavy (for the bridge)!]
Tik: [Grab a rope!]

“Rickety Bridge” As can be seen, the bridge is far from being started, let alone finished. It looks more like Tik’s original design than what Nob might expect. Or desire. And it doesn’t even have the vertical ropes to tie it together. I am sure that, given enough time, they would have added more ropes along with plank flooring. A simple suspension bridge. Then they would have converted the simple suspension bridge into a beam bridge, connected to the foundation posts and with hand rails. Not a rickety bridge but the one Nob envisioned. A bridge with railings and so structurally sound that it would stand the test of time.

Right now? Not so safe! Not at all. At best, the gobos could have safely crossed the gorge, cautiously and carefully working their way one at a time among these swaying ropes. Not a dozen all at once. A dozen running in a mad panic, drawing weapons to fight off a pursuing chimera! And that chimera is determined to catch at least one of them. Big cats tend to be great climbers but these ropes are not branches, and those back legs have cloven hooves, not claws.  No matter what, this won’t end well.

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