↓ Transcript
Hob: [Did Fip return with food?]
Zip: [No]

“Dinner Guests” Knowing Fip’s accuracy, it is only natural to be concerned that there will be nothing to eat. Hob does not look too surprised when Zip reports that Fip had not returned yet. The surprise comes when the emerald archer arrives with food for the table, and plenty of it! The even bigger surprise is that guests have unexpectedly arrived as well. Hob doesn’t catch the new additions to their camp grounds. The prospect of food has given the armored gobo a sense of confidence… which is about to be sundered once more.

But even the pleasant confirmation of Fip’s ability to provide does not distract Zip from being alert. No matter what the intent, these two dinner guests look like rough customers. It would be best to have them covered with a weapon, just in case. But even though the reflexes are there, memories are often fogged by the hope for food. What small amount of jury-rigging Zip was able to do to the damaged crossbow has come undone at the worst moment. And it looks like those reflexes are going to get Zip into trouble. It is not the best time to instinctively retrieve a missing part of your weapon.

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