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Fip (thinking): [Out of arrows]
Nob: [Stop!]
Nob: [There was a troll, spiders, adventurers, a beast, there was a fall where many Gobos died]
Nob: [We are your friend]
The Captain: I don't speak Goblin.

“Language Barrier” I have been waiting a long time for this strip. At last, someone is actually speaking in the comic! I mean, besides title logos and the “To Be Continued” on the 2018 cliffhanger.  The reader can finally read without deciphering Goblin. However, this is the only bit of good news for the strip. At least, where the gobos are concerned. Zip has been knocked out by a blow to the head, Hob is in a tussle with one of these raiders, and Fip has just ran out of arrows. At least a few of them managed to hit their target, even though it was blocked by one of the new guy’s shield. And they k just keep coming out of the woodwork! Clearly Nob’s attempt at diplomacy has gone straight over their heads.

Who are these guys anyway? They are characters from my older comic, making a cameo. You can check them out. I must warn you, that archaic mess is not kid-friendly. That said, here are links for the first two on the scene, the guy with the shield and the new arrival. Now these are alternate versions of those old characters, so don’t dig too deeply for past histories – or even names. And what about the speaker? Is he also someone from the old comic? No, it is the very first appearance for that guy. Clearly, he has to be the leader. And he will be using more words soon enough.

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