“Cave In” Remember when Nob almost fell off the cliff side when it crumbled away? Gee, I wonder how that happened… When faced with a problem, Tok takes an instinctive approach. By now, you may have noticed a trend in the solution process. And when it comes to this type of problem solving, Tik is often the one trying to reign that impulse in. Sometimes, however, that is just not possible. Especially if your answer comes with a short fuse. And it is punctuated by such a brilliant blast! (And yes, they felt that all the way at the top of the cliff side.)

Now while that bombastic blast has taken out a good handful of these creepy gray spiders, it also managed to cut off their only escape route. The resulting cave in has trapped them inside, darkening their environment even further. Rather than solving their problem, the bomb has enhanced it. It now forces this quartet of gobos to face off against an unknown number of spiders creeping out from the dark tunnels. Retreat is no longer an option. Needless to say, Tik is looking quite thrilled about how this situation has evolved.

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