↓ Transcript
Bam: [Where are [the other] Gobos?]
Tik: [Above and below us]
Tik: [But the cave entrance is blocked]
Tok: [Bomb]
Tik, Pōk & Bam: [No!]

“Typical Solution” Things have calmed down in the cave. The gobos have had some time to clean off the soot and goop. It is now time to catch Bam up on the whole situation. With the cave in, there is no way that they might try to catch a glimpse of the top crew as they mill around the edge. And so far no one – not even you readers – really knows the fate of the four that ended up in the river. The positive approach is to assume that everyone has survived the incident… even if that drop was quite perilous.

With that said and the prospects of a rescue quite slim, they must now discuss their current issue. Tok is very quick to make a suggestion on how they might clear the rocky debris. And the response to that idea is unanimous. You know it is bad when everyone says the same thing in response to your typical solution to any problem. Perhaps they would have been more receptive if the suggested action had not happened so recently. And be the cause of their current predicament. I can imagine that their ears are still ringing from the blast.

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