↓ Transcript
Tok: [A bomb will remove the rubble]
Pōk: [Tik...]
Tik: [A bomb will remove us]
Pōk: [(There;'s) a light]

“Which Way” By the look on Bam’s face, they have been arguing about this for a while. Tok is adamant that the bomb is the quickest way to clear the debris and get back outside the cave. They might even be able to reunite with the other eight. Tik agrees that Tok’s method would be the quickest way… to kill all four of them. If the blast doesn’t take them out, they could be crushed by another larger cave in. Even taking their time and placing the charges strategically could be dangerous. That whole area is now very unstable and unsafe to tread upon.

When you are in a discussion or debate and it gets heated, you might become blind to the suggestions of others. (I know that I am guilty of this, more often than I would like to admit.) This is what has happened to Pōk. Apparently there is another option on which way to get out of the cave. It might be a dead end (literally), they might get lost, or they might just be able to get out. But no one is listening. It just takes a smack of the hat – and the absence of nearby light sources – to witness something you might’ve missed.

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