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Tik: [The bomb did kill spiders]
Tik (thinking): [The bomb could have killed us, too]

“Good Job” After scrounging together a couple of torches, it looks like our quartet is off. Even though the darkness makes it easier to see where that light source is, it isn’t safe to wander in a dark cave. You would not see any of the environmental hazards until you were already tied up in it. But Pōk’s eye is very keen, and has proven effective even with the light of the torches. The sentry spotted the way earlier and is joined by Bam at the front of the group. That leaves out two industrious gobos in the back.

The heated discussion has concluded but Tok is not taking the decision very well. Perhaps a well-placed explosive is a viable option but it is just too great a risk for the gobos to take. Clearly, someone took the criticism hard. A critique is a detailed analysis, pointing out the good and the bad. At least that is what I took away from my art classes. Tik chooses to be diplomatic by highlighting the benefit of Tok’s bombastic action. Everyone wants to hear “you did a good job back there”. Sometimes it is best to keep other things unspoken.

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