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Nik: [(We building) a ladder?]
Nak: [Going up is not (the way)]
Nak: [We sail]
Nik: [We have no sails]
Pat: [We have a sail]

“Sails Up” Morning has passed and it would seem that Nak was able to think up some sort of plan of action. Our four gobos have been hard at work at their assigned tasks. But it doesn’t look like everyone was clued in on what the objective was. Since Nik has been focusing on wood collection, the thought of a ladder or some other type of ascending rig might be what they were constructing. Perhaps if Tik or Tok were here, that would be the case. But it is not. This crew of gobos possess their own level of creativity. However, they just doesn’t have nearly the same level of ingenuity that those two possess.

But, as mentioned, they are creative. Since they are already stuck at the river, why not use it to your advantage? All that is needed is a boat and some sort of mechanism to propel them. Then, they can travel the river until the climb is more manageable. They would then either backtrack to where Nob and the rest were, or try to meet them along the way to Gobo Land. But who wants to paddle the length of the river? Wind would be a great benefit when they had it. Thankfully the chimera has provided the perfect means for their boat to have sails up.

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