“Shivering Timbers” Wak is a gobo on a mission. When it comes to chopping down trees, Wak is the one you want on your team. The lumberjack gobo is by far the most persistent of the bunch when it comes to completing a task. Well, more obsessive than persistent. And most of the time the task is chopping wood. Sure, there are times when Wak is enlisted for other jobs that require a bit of brute force. But if the task does not require a lot of effort, it would not be long until Wak wanders off to find some tree that needs to be fallen by the axe. Thankfully, only one of the gobos is this passionate about chopping down trees. It would be tough for one to clear an entire forest, just enough to thin it for the benefit of all.

But that passion can be a detriment, especially when there is a job to do. One has a tendency to stick to their local area before moving afield for more resources. It’s just easier that way. And when your in the flow you’re more likely to lose sight of the details. This last bunch of wood had gotten the axe earlier. Thankfully, Pat is around to protect these shivering timbers from another round of abuse.

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