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Pat: [(Help) turn these planks into oars]

“New Task” Since Wak has apparently finished cutting down all of the nearby trees, Pat has decided that the lumberjack needs a distraction. It is either that or have short logs instead of long for their boat. With resource collection completed, it is time for Wak to move up to production. And to keep close to Wak’s skill set, Pat brings our woodcutter to Nik. While most of the logs will be used as is, a few have been selected for refinement. Whittling is usually thought of when creating objets d’art, but can be used for more utilitarian items. But, either way, it does take time.

Since working with wood is pretty central to what Wak is all about, shifting to this new task should be quite easy, right? Apparently not! Woodcutting is all in the arms. And Wak’s arms swing mightily. That is what they do. They do not rest still while the hands do intricate work. When presented with planks and a half-finished rudder, Wak’s hand goes instinctively towards the axe-shaped item. The lumberjack seems quite pleased with the weight and balance of the rudder. I am sure that Nik agreed with all of that… except for the part of getting hit in the face!

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