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Nak: [Nik, check]
Nak: [Pat, check]
Nak: [Wak...]
Nak: [Wak!]

“All Hands” Some time has passed and the four gobos have worked hard. Oars have been carved (with only minor collateral damage). They have lashed logs together to form a raft. They installed a mast, with a sail ready to catch the wind. The gobos now have a boat. It is a little shoddy but it is still a boat. The last thing they need to do is board the vessel and shove off the shore. Sounds like an easy task but nothing is a sure thing with this bunch. Nak will be reminded of this in 3, 2, 1…

Taking attendance is a common enough occurrence. You get your first taste of it early on during school. They might do this at a business that doesn’t use a time clock. On a ship they might call for all hands on deck, at which time they will have roll call. This is often done before setting sail to make sure everybody is on board. Nak counts Nik and Pat as present. When it comes to our lumberjack, Wak is nowhere to be found. At least in the immediate vicinity. Thankfully, one need only look for the nearest tree to find our wayward woodcutter.

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