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Narrative Box: Later that evening...

“Ship Off” Who knows just how long it took to round up Wak but now they are off on their voyage. For only a short amount of time, their raft seems to be seaworthy. Or should I say river-worthy? Either way, the four of them are now making their way down the river. Water travel tends to be quicker then travel by foot, and easier on the body. But, unlike hiking, you are committed to the path when rafting. If you remember Nob’s map, the river will take them quite a distance east of their final destination. But this is unavoidable since the gobos are stuck at the bottom of the gorge with steep cliff sides. Hopefully they will be able to find an easier way up sooner rather than later.

If you thought that this was going to be a calm trip down the river, well think again! I’m pretty sure the hi-jinks started even before ship off. It is clear that Nik has not forgotten an earlier slight and is now “taking it up” with Wak. I fear that Nak will be dealing with numerous little outbursts and inconveniences for the entirety of the journey. I guess that is the price of leadership.

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