TEHG Ends and Gobo Gazette will return on January 6! While I’m not completely recovered, I am healed enough to continue Gobo Gazette. In fact, I should have a little buffer just in case. And, if that buffer become sizeable, I will introduce some double-post weeks to get the comic back on schedule. No rush, of course. Heath above output until I am completely recovered. Whenever a double post is coming, I will make notice of it the Friday before.

As TEHG ends, so draws near the end of 2022. As usual, there will not be a post next week. The next comic for Gobo Gazette will post on January 6, the day after its 5th Anniversary! It is the holiday season and many have some time off. If you have a few moments, check out SpiderForest and discover a new webcomic to read! Don’t worry if you find that free time suddenly vanish – Gobo Gazette will once more participate in SpiderForest’s Comic of the Week, starting on January 9. 2023 is going to start off right with 10 weeks of featured comics! That’ll carry you all the way into March! Check it out… I am sure you’ll find another favorite to follow!

Happy Holidays and be careful out there!

↓ Transcript
Announcement banner with content on white background and a panel to the right. There is a watermarked illustration of Gobos and Puccini beneath it.
Content: "Gobo Gazette - Temporary Emergency Hiatus GO! - Gobo Gazette will return January 6, 2023!"

Right panel has a gobo line-up in the top room of Puccini's tower: Zip with arms akimbo, a chin-scratching Bam, an excited Pat, Tik with arms crossed, and Tok, gleefully standing at a attention.